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**Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, we are cancelling these in person events until we can come up with a way to meet online. Please stay tuned!**

Are you new to spirituality? Maybe you’re not yet ready or able to schedule a private reading. Join others just like you — for a group reading! These are small groups — no more than 6 people —  so Phil can spend more time with each person. Everyone receives a reading and seats are offered at a reduced fee of $75 a person. Whether you come by yourself or with friends or family members,”Friday Nights with Phil and the Other Side,” is an extraordinary way to start your journey toward greater peace and purpose in life.

***Please remember that these events are only offered in person in Connecticut***

No Events on The List at This Time

Looking to connect with your Guides?

Phil has partnered with Greg Jamiel who teaches you real, grounded, accessible ways for you to
calm your mind, and create the optimal conditions for you to build a real relationship with your Guides.
Click the link below to learn more about these amazing services!

Connect with your guides