When we have the desire to change, grow, transform, or learn something new, it may seem like an impossible feat! Like, the amount of change or experience needed is so much that we may become overwhelmed and stay right where we are…even though that flame of desire is still burning. If that flame is still burning with no place to move, it can cause frustration in our life.

I am thrilled to partner with a good friend, Gregory Jamiel, who many of you have met and spoke with! Greg has over a decade of experience traveling the world learning different ways to make that connection with the Other Side by working with Shamans in South America, different religious and spiritual leaders, traditional Native American Ceremonies, and his own insight gained from years of Questing to make that connection with his parents who have passed on.

Greg is like you. He isn’t a Medium, but he has learned how to connect with his Inner Healer and wants to teach you how to do that as well! He has put together a group of offerings to teach YOU how to take those first steps on your path to connecting more to the world around us, opening connections and insight which will provide you lasting change!

The First Steps Greg Will Guide You On:
•Taking the First Step to Connecting with Your Guides
•Taking the First Step to Connecting with Your Inner Healer
•Taking the First Step into Ceremony
•Taking the First Step into Meditation

Click the link below to visit Greg’s website and explore these offerings so you can learn how to take that first step on your path!