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Announcing an exciting new Membership opportunity for our community! We are dedicated to not only offering you a powerful connection to the Other Side, but also to share tools to help you live your most wonderful life.

To make this as accessible as possible, we are keeping the price at $5.99/month for the first 250 people who sign up,
then the price will raise to $9.99/month.

What you get when you become a Community Member

Recent events have shown us that we are all in this life together and it’s important to come together to support and lift each other up. Our vision is that this Community Membership program will help do just that. Maybe you have already gone through the grieving process and want to share your story with our community, maybe you are looking for inspiration on how to connect with your Guides, or maybe you are wanting to make friends with others who have similar interests in personal development as you! We hope our community will serve as a safe, hope-filled space for you to learn, grow, and heal.
Here is what you get when you become a Member:

•Access to two monthly LIVE Webinars where you will have the chance to ask Phil and Greg a question face-to-face in our Zoom Webinar

•10% off ALL private readings with Phil Quinn

•An invite to join our private Facebook page where you can meet new friends, find and offer support to other Community Members who may be going through what you have or are going through, and share uplifting pictures and stories! We are creating this safe place for you to use as an additional tool for your healing.

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